Below you will find the handouts that will be used during training.
Only the materials marked with an asterisk** will need to be printed prior to training. It is NOT required to print all of these materials. 

Day 1 – Components for Enhancing Clinician Experience and Reducing Trauma (CE-CERT):

CE-CERT Overview Handout
Rumination Scale
CE-CERT Anchors Self-Rating

Days 2-4 – Introduction to Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)

 PowerPoint Handout  – (This version of the PowerPoint will vary slightly from the version shown during training due to some slides being removed for distribution)
CATS – Stoplight Sheet 
TF-CBT Components Sorting Activity
TF-CBT Components Rationale Methods Worksheet
**Bright Ideas – TF-CBT Session Planning **
General Questions for Psychoeducation 
Psychoed PPT Activity
**Therapist ABC Worksheet**
Practicing Active Listening 
Rewards and Consequences Planning 
My Feelings About the Trauma
Caregiver Think Feel Do
**Cognitive Processing Caregiver Beliefs **
The Trauma Narrative
Trauma Narrative Development Worksheets for Youth
Trauma Narrative Development Structure (with timeline)
Analogies to Introduce the Trauma Narrative
Socratic Questioning 
Socratic Questioning Cheat Sheet
Writing Your Praise Letter

Additional Resources

Links to Videos Shown During the Training
Early Childhood Virtual Toolkit
Telehealth Resources 
What Do You Know Card Game Order Form
Healing Days
A Terrible Thing Happened

Visit our ‘Therapy Resources’ page for even more resources!