Click here if you are a parent or caregiver seeking more information about our counseling services. Here you will find information on how to schedule an appointment and the services provided through our program. Here you will also find a map of the TF-CBT therapists in Oklahoma.
Click here if you are a professional seeking information about TF-CBT treatment and training. Learn how TF-CBT works and the recommended criteria for TF-CBT training and implementation. Review information to consider when seeking a trained TF-CBT therapist. Find links to TF-CBT web-based resources. View an Oklahoma training calendar and register for upcoming events.
TF-CBT Therapists
Click here if you are an Oklahoma TF-CBT therapist seeking TF-CBT treatment resources. This password protected area houses downloadable educational and treatment resources designed to support TF-CBT model implementation. Instructions on requesting a user name and password are provided on this page.