What if a child is acting out sexually? Is TF-CBT appropriate?

Maybe. It would depend on the child’s level of trauma symptoms. Treatment is also available for children who have sexually acting out beaviors without trauma symptoms. A thorough evaluation of trauma history, symptoms, and sexual behaviors would allow a clinician

What training is required for a therapist who wants to provide TF-CBT?

Several key elements are required for a therapist to truly learn any new treatment model. The generally accepted trainings requirements for TF-CBT are for a therapist to attend the 2-day in-person “Introduction to Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavior Therapy” provided by a Master

What if a child doesn’t want to talk about their past?

Not wanting to talk about difficult or painful memories is very common, and understandable! However, it is often healing to be able to face painful memories and allows a child and family to move forward. In TF-CBT, children gradually progress