How long is your waiting list to start treatment?

How long it will take for your child and family to begin treatment with a TF-CBT therapist in our program varies. When you speak with our program coordinator before your first appointment, she will be able to give you an

How is the intake appointment structured?

In order to best serve your child and family, we will invite you, other important caregivers in your child’s life (if applicable), and your child to participate in the intake appointment. Your therapist will start the appointment with you and

How long will the appointment last?

The length of an intake appointment depends on the number of children participating in the appointment. On average, an appointment for one child lasts 2 hours. Intakes typically take 3 hours for two children, and 4 hours for three children.

How will I know when my referral has been received?

Within one week after receiving your child’s referral form, our Program Coordinator will phone you to gather additional information. If you have not received a call within this time frame, please call us to ensure that we have received your information

How do I refer my child to the Child Trauma Services Program?

Please complete the referral CTS Referral Form found here and email to or mail to (1100 NE 13th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73117) or fax to (405-271-8835) it to the attention of Amanda Mitten, Child Trauma Services Program Coordinator. If

Do all children who experience a trauma need treatment?

While some children may only experience a few worries and bad memories that quickly go away, other children may develop long-lasting reactions that will benefit from treatment. Parents should watch for these reactions in children exposed to difficult events: Frequent