In order to best serve your child and family, we will invite you, other important caregivers in your child’s life (if applicable), and your child to participate in the intake appointment. Your therapist will start the appointment with you and your child together to explain the purpose and structure of the intake and answer any questions you or your child may have about the session.

During your interview with the therapist, your child will have an opportunity to play with toys provided or with items brought by you that you know your child will enjoy. You may also want to bring a snack and drink for your child. Then, your therapist will meet with your child while you fill out some important measures for us. Caregivers and children ages 7 and older are asked to answer questions about your child’s behaviors, types of traumas experienced, and trauma-related reactions.

We recognize that talking during the intake session about your child’s traumatic experiences may create some temporary distress for you or for your child.  Please be assured that the intake therapist will not require you or your child to talk in depth about these difficult memories.  In fact, most families find the intake to be helpful and supportive experience.  It may be comforting for you to share this with your child prior to your appointment to ease any concern your child may have about meeting with the therapist.  Also, the therapist will share in session ways your child may cope with tough thoughts, feeling or memories that may temporarily increase after the intake.

How is the intake appointment structured?