06/22/2021 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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CE-CERT Training – Full Day

06/22/2021 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Managing Secondary Traumatic Stress Through a Skills Based Model:

This full-day training will provide a thorough discussion on the Components for Enhancing Clinician Experience and Reducing Trauma (CE-CERT) model. Developed by Dr. Brian Miller, CE-CERT is a skills-based approach to improving provider well-being and effectiveness in working with traumatized clients. Drawing from what is known about trauma impacts and treatment, CE-CERT posits that secondary traumatic stress is not developed in response to mere exposure to others’ trauma stories, but occurs when feeling overwhelmed or helpless. In contrast to self-care strategies that require the individual to engage in a restorative practice after-work, the CE-CERT model proposes micro-interventions done throughout the day. The five core components of CE-CERT: Experiential Engagement, Reducing Rumination, Conscious Narrative, Reducing Emotional Labor, and Parasympathetic Recovery, and the acquirable skills within each will be taught through both didactic and experiential activities.

This training will be held as part of the Oklahoma Child Abuse & Neglect Conference on June 22-24, 2021 with the CE-CERT Training taking place on June 22, 2021, 9am – 4pm CST. The attached brochure includes a full list of sessions that will be offered at the conference.



ODMHSAS providers can attend the 1-day CE-CERT Training at NO COST, all other sessions are an additional charge. Here is a list of ODMHSAS agencies that qualify for waived fees ODMHSAS Agencies. Please select “DMH Employee Registration’ when registering.

All other agency providers: The cost to attend the 1-day CE-CERT training is $75, additional fees to attend other sessions.





CE-CERT Training – Full Day