Consultation Information

Consultation Resources

Survey FAQ – This document is to help answer questions that you may have about consultation surveys, consultation in general, and national certification process.

TF-CBT Case Info One Form – This form should be completed during consultation to track progress in TF-CBT.

Consultation Info Sheet – This provides detailed information on the consultation call process.

Below is the link to access the Shiny website to view your client progress that has been entered on your client tracking surveys.
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Consultation Completion Requirements

Consultation completion requirements vary for those therapists that are part of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health agencies. Below you will find a list of those requirements.

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health Therapists: Required to complete a minimum of 12 consultation calls with a Nationally Certified TF-CBT Trainer along with completing a minimum of one TF-CBT while on consultation.

All Other Therapists: Required to complete a minimum of 9 consultation calls with a Nationally Certified TF-CBT Trainer along with staffing a TF-CBT case while on consultation.

Consultation Process

Here you will find a detailed layout of what to expect prior to and during consultation.

Call Information





We appreciate your efforts to arrange your schedule to be on the call and anticipate that the advanced notice will aid in addressing any conflicts. In case of emergency or unavoidable conflict prohibiting your participation in a call in your series, please contact your consultants and to inform us of this as soon as possible.

Following the 2-day Introduction Training you will be sent additional emails with call information, including both the call-in number and access code. If you do not receive these emails, please double check your Spam or Junk folders first. Then, please contact to let us know.

TF-CBT Cases To get the most benefit from the consultation, we strongly recommend having several cases identified for TF-CBT to staff on the calls.

  • If you don’t yet have a TF-CBT case identified or started, please work with your supervisor to get one onto your caseload as soon as possible.
  • It is best to have more than one case to begin, to allow for the possibility of clients dropping out of treatment, etc.

Please note that the standard policy for therapists who do not have active TF-CBT cases by call #4 is that they will be asked to step off the call group. If, at a later date, you are able to secure a TF-CBT case, you may request placement on a future call group. However, this cannot be guaranteed as consultation call group availability is limited.

Case Info & Tracking Form We have put together a form to aid us in tracking your TF-CBT case(s).

  • Please complete the one-page TFCBT Case Info & Tracking form for the case(s) that you will be staffing on the consultation calls and email it to as soon as possible.
  • It will be helpful for us to have this document before our first call date. If you have multiple cases you are staffing for TF-CBT, please fill out a separate form for each case.
Client Surveys We have also created a survey to track your progress through the TF-CBT model. This survey is sent from; subject “Client 1: Session 1 Survey with a survey link unique to you. When you receive this email you will notice that you have been assigned a random alphanumeric ‘tag.’ This will help maintain your privacy when the information you submit through the survey is published on our public therapist tracking website (Shiny) Click here

  • Of note, these weekly surveys will provide documentation needed for National TF-CBT Certification. 
  • If you are not receiving the surveys (please check your spam and junk folder) or you have additional clients (up to 3) please let us know.
  • Attached you will find a guide to assist in any confusion you may have with the client surveys.
Shiny Website Click here to access the Shiny website.

On the Shiny website you may view a summary of your progress through the client tracking surveys by selecting your therapist tag in the drop-down box at the top left of the web page and selecting the ‘TF-CBT Session Tracking” tab.

You may view your consultation progress by selecting the ‘Therapist Training’ tab (ensure that you have selected your agency in the filter at the top to only show therapists at your agency.)

  • This website is updated nightly.
  • Supervisors and other agency personnel will be given their therapists’ tags so they may monitor progress through the model as well.