This is an exciting time for professionals working with trauma-exposed children in Oklahoma. Oklahoma’s Department of Mental Health (ODMHSAS) and Department of Human Services (OKDHS) are pursuing the goal that everyone involved in the care of our children have a trauma-informed approach. One piece of this involves training mental health providers across the state in effective treatments for childhood trauma. Beginning January 2013, all children referred for services at agencies contracting with the ODMHSAS will be screened for trauma exposure and, subsequently, trauma symptoms. By identifying those children who are in need of TF-CBT, Oklahoma is taking a huge first step in improving service provision. ODMHSAS and OKDHS are actively attempting to broaden the availability of TF-CBT providers to even the most rural areas of Oklahoma through training initiatives and contractual agreements with agencies serving children.

Oklahoma is privileged to have 3 Nationally Recognized trainers in TF-CBT, Susan Schmidt, Ph.D., Roy Van Tassell, LPC, and Dolores Subia BigFoot, Ph.D. Additionally, Elizabeth Risch, Ph.D., and Michael Gomez, Ph.D. collaborate with the National TF-CBT trainers in statewide dissemination of trauma-informed care.

If you are a mental health professional interested in participating in training and consultation in TF-CBT, you will find information on upcoming trainings and costs here. You can also register online to attend through this website.

To view an interactive map of providers, click here.